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The Anarchists Guild


cat in the hat
17 December 1986
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My name is Danny, but I go by the moniker Cat in the Hat in the rave scene. I have recently moved back to California From Florida due to unforseen complications in my life, As opposed to my normal LJ routine i don't think that i am going to dump my meager archive of enteries because of a drastic change in my life, you cant delete the past so why try? Once again it seems that Live Journal will become the much abused target of my aggressions and woes. once more with feeling anybody?

I have many addictions. Music is chief among them. I love anything with a beat. Gabber, UK Hardcore, Trance, House, Drum n' bass, Hip Hop(not Rap or R and B), Classic Rock, Metal, Screamo, Indie, Reaga, Ska and punk. I love it all.

I also tag under the alias SEZ, and will shortly be taking orders for had painted hats. I love art. Painting, Drawing, Anime, Sculpture, Architecture, Writing, Poetry, and instalation pieces.